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Rust N' Bolts


"This book is a collection of robot drawings I made in my sketchbooks between 2015-2017. Most of them were drawn after office hours and during weekends. My usual work process is sketching and inking in traditional medium then coloring the designs digitally.

I kept this practice going so I could loosen up and draw with less restrictions, it was a great way for me to experiment with ideas and actually helped me approach designs at work from a fresh new perspective.

What started out as a fun activity eventually became a bigger project as I received lots of support and encouragement from friends to compile my works into a book. After many sketchbook pages, enquiries and revisions; we finally have Rust N' Bolts-my first robot sketch and illustation book.

I hope you will enjoy looking at these drawings as much as I enjoyed making them."

- Luis Esteves

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