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Small Projects By Kevin Low


Smallprojects conceptualises, designs and builds things. Primarily architecture, though there are many side orders to its concerns.

smallprojects concerns itself with relevant design, architectural economy and spatial technology as related to specific context. In principle, smallprojects is singular: the architecture of garden houses are its focus. In application, it is plural: planning, project identity, building and product design and the space which can neither be called landscape nor architecture but sits somewhere in between are its concerns and passions. With each work it undertakes, big or small, it is less interested in what makes things different and more concerned with what all things share. small projects refers less to the sizes of things than to the intimate relationships which bind them.

It is characterised by an entirely uncorporate identity, ironically grown from eleven years of corporate history.

It is less concerned about the theatrical than it is about the dramatic.
It has more to do with possibility than it does with statement.

small projects is about the possibility of context.

And subverting the dominant paradigm.

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