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State of Mind at Work

State of Mind at Work


This is a book about you.
In today’s world of work, managing your own professional work + space + creativity formula is all about adopting the right State of Mind.
The ultimate goal is for each and everyone of us to achieve the ability and freedom to intuitively do our best.In five inspiring chapters Strategist Tommie Cau and Designer Jaan Orvet share insights gained from helping individuals, teams and international organisations find better ways of working.
– Thought provoking insights
– Actionable on-the-spot exercises
– Beautiful illustrations
– A long enough read to be effective, and short enough to be mindful of your time
Five chapters to address every building block of a contemporary work life:

1. Why I work
2. Where I choose to work
3. Who I choose to work with
4. How I choose to work
5. How I prepare myself

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