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Ten light years:lightsaber Digital Art Paintings. $35.00 nett

"Ten light years" marked not time, nor distance, but the interpretation of light and shadow of Huang Guangjian. "Light" has always been a very compelling element in the work of Huang Guangjian. In this book, he shows the different "light effects" of starlight, Huaguang, dark light, glare, After a "light of the feast."
- Yuan Zheng, leewiART co-founder of
early human sites in the original painting founded at the beginning I knew the lightsaber. He is a painter I love and admire very much, both in terms of life and work. These years the industry changes rapidly, but his painting heart has not changed. This "ten light years" album is not so much a collection of his ten years of work, it is more than a decade of growth in his epitome. This book I look forward to too long, I hope you can join me to appreciate his wonderful paintings.
- Yang Kai, the original painting people site founder
I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy at the Fourth Dominance War contest lightsaber to Mr. Huang's work, it was the first time I saw his work, which made me feel pleased, After that, I was trained in his private training at the Optical Wing Academy he founded. Many people, including myself, were inspired by him. I am glad that Mr. Huang Guangjian published his ten-year works, this book is really too meaningful!
Hultqvist --Fredrik
GameArtisans site founder, DominanceWar, UnearthlyChallenge, ComiconChallenge, FestChallenges event organizers

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