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The Art of Creative Research : A Field Guide for Writers

The Art of Creative Research : A Field Guide for Writers


 All writers conduct research. For some this means poring over records and combing, archives but for many creative writers research happens in the everyday world when they scribble an observation on the subway, when they travel to get the feel for a city, or when they strike up a conversation with an interesting stranger.The Art of Creative Research helps writers take this natural inclination to explore and observe and turn it into a workable and enjoyable research plan. It shows that research shouldn't be seen as a dry, plodding aspect of writing. Instead, it's an art that all writers can master, one that unearths surprises and fuels imagination. This lends authenticity to fiction and poetry as well as nonfiction. Philip Gerard distills the process into fundamental questions: How do you conduct research? And what can you do with the information you gather? He covers both in-person research and work in archives and illustrates how the different types of research can be incorporated into stories, poems, and essays using examples from a wide range of writers in addition to those from his own projects.

  •  Paperback | 240 pages
  •  153 x 228 x 13mm | 356g
  •  University of Chicago Press
  •  United States
  •  English
  •  022617980X
  •  9780226179803

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