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The Art of Sakura Kinoshita

The Art of Sakura Kinoshita


From "Magic Detective Loki" to "Thousand Musketeers" and "Daddy Love", a book that traces the trajectory of visual art by manga artist Sakura Kinoshita. Almost all jackets of "The Mythical Detective Loki" and "tactics (co-authored with Kazuko Higashiyama)" including the illustrations that will be recorded for the first time in the art book, and all colors of the latest work "I don't want to call a young lady in love a dad". And, from the setting picture of the book's first recording of 34 old guns of "Thousand Musketeers" who worked on the character design + about 100 pages of Kyoen, almost all the visuals that Sakura Kinoshita worked on

  • Language: Japanese
  • ISBN-10: 4756251560
  • ISBN-13: 978-4756251565

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