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The Dynamic Bible


by Peter Han (Author)

Peter Han is an instructor for the Artcenter College of Design, Concept Design Academy and the online school CGMA. Over the years, he has been instructing a class known as Dynamic Sketching. He has first taken this class as a student at Artcenter under the instruction from his mentor: Norm Schureman.

In 2016, he started to document his process and notes from the class to understand if the content was missing anything or needed to be refined. These notes have now been put together for this book!

"This book represents the notes and lectures I give in my classes in preparation for the students to go out on location to then try to apply in observational drawing. It is unaltered from its original state, and contains all my written thoughts and observations. These notes are from my perspective and should never be taken as right or wrong. It is just another way of looking at subject matter we all engage in at some point as artists or designers. This information is in no way exclusive or secret. "

"I spent 6 months jotting down all my notes in 2 books and compressed them into the Dynamic Bible."

Full of sketches and notes from his studies on industrial design, animal, landscape and more, this book is a must-have for alll aspiring designers!

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