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The Group Of Seven And Tom Thomson

The Group Of Seven And Tom Thomson


This compact edition is identical to Silcox's 2003 award winning bestseller. The book is a comprehensive study of the famous Canadian art movement, its time, 400 full colour artworks are organised by region and theme, each group introduced by an essay. At a critical time in Canada's history, the Group of Seven revolutionised the country's appreciation of itself by celebrating Canada as a wild and beautiful land.

These paintings of the wilderness evoke the same response in viewers today as they did when first exhibited. The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson includes many never-before reproduced paintings and presents the most complete and extensive collection of these artists' works ever published. The 400 paintings and drawings reveal the remarkable genius of all 10 painters who at some point were part of the movement.

Tom Thomson, who died before the Group was established, was always present in the public mind. Included are works by: Frank Carmichael, Frank Johnston, A.J. Casson, Arthur Lismer, Le Moine FitzGerald, I.E.H.

MacDonald, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, Edwin Holgate, F.H. Varley, A.Y. Jackson.

The artwork is organised by the various regions of Canada, with additional sections on the war years and still-life paintings. Introductory essays provide a context for a greater understanding and appreciation of Canada's most celebrated artists.


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