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The Monocle Manifesto for a Gentler Life

The Monocle Manifesto for a Gentler Life

Monocle has always been a champion of taking it slow. It has encouraged readers to dive into a lake and go for a run. To sleep well. To eat food whose makers are proud of its provenance. In a shouty, jabbing-finger moment in history, it has done its bit to argue for a new modern etiquette to be generous with our time, hospitality and forgiveness. Now its editors and correspondents have brought all of this together in The Monocle Manifesto for a Gentler Life, a book that urges us all to slow down, reconnect, make good things and see nice places. And it also knows when to wear a cheeky smile. Chapters include:

* An illustrated guide to being nice, respecting your neighbour and controlling your social media rants.

* Profiles of the happiest nations - and the least lonely too.

* How to build a house that's good for you and your family.

* Essays from leading thinkers and great writers on what we can gain if we shift gear.

* The businesses charting a better course - from management to pride in production.

* Food - a celebration of the locally made, the chefs that bring people together and a recipe or two.

* The objects to own that will give pleasure for years.

* The people who changed direction, slowed down and made it work.

* The compact cities where you can run a company, be inspired, have a good social life - and be hiking in a forest at 5pm.

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