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The Mysteries of Cinema : Movies and Imagination

The Mysteries of Cinema : Movies and Imagination


 People who saw the first moving pictures at the end of the nineteenth century were delighted by a new art that communicated without words - yet they were also alarmed to be witnessing events in a strange, mute, spectral realm, where the laws of time and space were suspended and magical transformations could occur. Some early commentators hailed cinema as a blessing and praised it for resurrecting the dead; others likened it to a hypnotic trance or a hallucinogenic drug. The medium has always been excited by speed, and it enjoys sending the body on furious kinetic chases; at the same time, it stealthily probes our minds, invading our dreams and titillating our desires. Although this is an art kindled by light and inflamed by colour, it is nurtured by darkness and can reduce life to an insubstantial shadow play. Either way, as Peter Conrad argues in this brilliant book, the movie camera has given us new eyes and changed forever our view of reality.

  •  Hardback | 344 pages
  •  153 x 234 x 35.56mm | 720g
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  61 Illustrations, unspecified
  •  0500022992
  •  9780500022993

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