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The Recorder Issue 4

The Recorder Issue 4


In Issue 4, design journalist Madeleine Morley steps back in history to trace an A-Z of illuminated and illustrated letters, and publisher and designer Darren Wall pays tribute to the early days of pixel typography – and the games it helped define. Continuing the game theme, Angela Riechers examines the visual playground that accompanies board games and other amusements, while Adrian Shaughnessy pens an essay to the many ways record covers have developed and defined graphic design. New contributor Nicole Phillips also delves deep into the world of typographic education, to uncover how a new form of 'slow typography' is taking over.

This issue also contains a special edition of Type Mixtape, contributed by Erik Spiekermann, a profile of madcap design studio Snask, and illustrations and collage from the likes of Justyna Stasik, DR.ME and Friederike Hantel.

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