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The Ultimate Unreal Manga

The Ultimate Unreal Manga

Jiro Suzuki, manga illustrator for Higurashi When They Cry5: Curse Killing Arc and MAGiMAGi, is obsessed with odd duos and trios that have contrasting ages, physiques, social classes, personalities. In this collection, Jiro expands the imagination and creates an imaginary manga series with odd character duos (or trios). Book cover illustrations from these imaginary odd-couple manga series are accompanied by character profiles and brief storylines.
Originally a web series appearing on PIE’s website, this collection is now available in a single collectable volume! As an added bonus feature for this book, Jiro has created 24 original pages of character profiles and 26 pages of manga introducing these funny and charming characters.

The odd duos (and trios) featured in this book are...
♥ A young sister who has her body taken over by an evil dragon and an elder brother, who is almost a servant to his sister, seeking to get her

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