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Toc Toc Toc Magazine - Vol.19

Toc Toc Toc Magazine - Vol.19


“Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo loves creators, photography, Portugal, people… and eating. For love, she left her native Yugoslavia and settled in Lisbon where she has managed to make her place in the creative community.

With the help of Sanda, I met Dora Osório (SUL), Raquel Ribeiro Silva & João Genebra Rodrigues (Arminho), Inês Telles, Sofia Albuquerque (Sal atelier), Nuno Henriques (Toino Abel), Sara Domingos (Ode Sabão) et Hélène Fulchi (Minois).

In this issue, discover also Sarah Vu (Botany Folk), Louise Jourdan-Gassin (Série limitée LOUISE) and Mauritania by Virginie Garnier.”

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