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Valode & Pistre Architects

Valode & Pistre Architects

This monograph details thirty-four major architectural works from Valode & Pistre, including commercial, retail, industrial, and cultural projects. Founded in 1980 by its current directors Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, Valode & Pistre Architects is a highly sought-after architecture and design firm based in Paris. Their predominantly large-scale projects are distinguished by their high degree of diversity—from the Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux to the L’Oréal factory and more recently the T1 Tower La Défense in Paris. Their innovative designs for the Beaugrenelle Center on the Front of the Seine won the Global Award for Excellence in 2015 for its approach to urban development.

The book features works such as the Renault Technocentre near Paris, Las Mercedes business park in Madrid, and a group of hotel towers in Beijing. The book also looks at future projects that were recently awarded to Valode & Pistre—a new Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center and three stations of the Grand Paris Express transit line.

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