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Werk Magazine No. 21


Essay and interview by ALISON HARLEY

WERK No.21 is inspired by the works of French designer Martine Bedin. 
A member of the design collective Memphis-Milano Group, Martine Bedin alongwith her contemporaries brought about the postmodern 'New International Style'. Rule-breaking, bold, youthful and playful, their unfamiliar aesthetics heralded a new era of design thinking during the '80s. They drew inspirations and references from movements such as Art Deco, Pop Art, '50s Kitsch and futuristic themes. Martine's huge archives of drawings, sketches and paintings of her idiosyncratic creations of art and architecture are extensively documented in this issue. Thus presenting an insight into the genesis of Martine's creative process as well as her 'e nuovo' way to thinking, design and making objects.





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